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Created on 2010-03-19 04:25:54 (#489340), last updated 2010-03-19 (392 weeks ago)

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Name:*pnish* @ DW
Location:Tokyo, Japan
Website:Official Site
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:DW community devoted to the theatre troupe *pnish*
Welcome to the *pnish* community on Dreamwidth, your open-source source of *pnish* info and fandom fun. Any and all fans of this talented 4-man troupe are welcome to share in an open environment of enjoyment. Have fun!

Who are *pnish*?
*pnish* (パニッシュ) are four talented actors who live and work in Tokyo, Japan, making their way up the ranks of the acting industry and having fun with each other while doing it. They are Sano Daiki (佐野大樹, Leader), Moriyama Eiji (森山栄治, fuku-Leader), Washio Noboru (鷲尾昇), and Tsuchiya Yuuichi (土屋裕一). They put on shows as a group (Ons and honkouen) as well as each have their own career as actors in non-*pnish* shows. Information regarding the guys' activities as a group as well as on their own will be available here.

So what's this community for?
This community is meant to be a place where fans who blog at DW can come together to fangirl (or -boy!) the guys and their events and shows, as well as share experiences and fandom fun--art, fic, meta, media, you name it!

How to have a pleasant stay:
  1. As a general rule, let's start off with just a blanket statement of: play nice :) No personal attacks, no badmouthing the guys (in a deliberately malicious manner, of course; please feel free to bitch about any fashion faux pas the guys might commit without fear of mod reprisal XD)
  2. For long posts, spoiler-laden posts, or posts containing large/multiple images, please cut the content to save space on readers' lists.
  3. Please lock all posts that contain sensitive content (media of any sort, adult content, etc.) or questions about such content (asking where to download media, etc.).
  4. Please be open-minded. This community is RPS-friendly. This means some if not many fans don't mind discussing/reading about/imagining the members in relationships of all sort with each other. If it's not your cup of tea, either scroll past it or rethink your joining this community.
  5. Be conscientious when commenting on the boys' blogs; they do not understand any more than the most rudimentary rules of English (so post in Japanese if you must) and they need not be made aware of this community or any untowards goings-on (so don't say you became a fan by downloading their shows).
  6. Please follow the appropriate format for posting fic:


    Pairing (if applicable):
    Archive (if applicable):
    (please include a link to your fic on an archive such as ChickLit if available)

  7. Have fun! Remember this is a community for fans to come together--so be active, be expressive, and enjoy your stay!
Official member blogs
Sano Daiki's blog
Moriyama Eiji's blog
Washio Noboru's blog
Tsuchiya Yuuichi's blog

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